The Crowd Witnessed an Epic Leap of Faith from Shane McMahon on Last Night’s SmackDown!

The all lionized and much-expected fight or the battle among The Money Shane McMahon and AJ Styles has been built up as we are heading even more closely to the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania 33. For all the WWE enthusiasts who aren’t able to identify what is happening in the middle of the two should go through the entire sequence of events given by us.

What Happened Last Night?

The Commissioner of SmackDown Shane McMahon provided the WWE Universe a preview of the big thing which is to take place in his fight with AJ Styles at the upcoming WrestleMania 33. Shane McMahon was full of fire as he leaped from the top rope over the broadcasters’ desk to dig down AJ Styles.

What kicked it off?

AJ Styles began the SmackDown through prompting Bryan that he is at this time also within the brand in spite of being dismissed. Styles after that came into the ring and shook hands for Shane McMahon’s challenge. Indeed, the Phenomenal One left off regarding how he is going to provide Shane the huge amount of pain and discontentment. AJ Styles told the WWE Universe the fact that he was the central cause of the achievement of SmackDown, and also said that SmackDown is going to predictably weaken with him leaving.

AJ Styles paused for Shane McMahon inside the space of the parking lot having some plans of attacking him one more time. But, Shane outwitted AJ Styles and was previously in the ring, shouting the previous Champion out. AJ Styles came down to the ring and alleged that he desired to apologize to Shane McMahon for his activities. Shane might not take a stance for any mischiefs as he began swaying with both his fists immediately when AJ Styles moved inside the ring.

AJ Styles was trapped having no idea, and the act began out of the ring. AJ was able to clutch the advantage prior to Shane countering by means of a suplex. Shane McMahon put AJ Styles over the anchors’ table or desk and managed to provide an astonishing leap of faith over the top rope and touchdown an elbow on AJ Styles and thrashing the table in the course.

What is to come?

This fight has established that both Shane McMahon and AJ Styles are going to get this rivalry to a destination at the most imposing platform of them all at WrestleMania at the Camping World Stadium on 2nd of April 2017. The Phenomenal One is going to at last obtain his desired fight at the WrestleMania 33 up against the irregular challenger in the commissioner of SmackDown Shane McMahon.

This enmity has been housing up from the time when AJ Styles gave out his criticisms on the Talking Smack weeks before, asserting that the top authority people inside the WWE were putting him back and Shane McMahon was a vital part of that plot. The state of affairs deteriorated when AJ Styles was all of a sudden uninvolved from the central event image of WrestleNania. Now, AJ Styles is going to exhibit his alleged domination above the Commissioner Shane McMahon in a massive clash of characters.

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