The most probable twists that we might witness at the WWE Fastlane 2017!

It is incredible to think we just have a month left before the upcoming WrestleMania. It is tough to witness the whole build of the biggest show of them all on the Raw Brand as of now. We definitely have many title shots and heated rivalries that have been arranged for the Fastlane at Milwaukee.

There are a lot of questions in the mind of many people regarding the PPV and the matches that have been lined up for the Milwaukee fiesta. With that, we are making you aware about the most probable twists that might take place at the upcoming Fastlane 2017.

Undertaker restricts

The Undertaker expressed in front of us that he wasn’t only a WrestleMania man any longer previous November at the Smackdown. He has been into Raw on two occasions and in the enthralling Royal Rumble since that time as his mere entrances. In his single battle, he was thrashed out by Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble main event.

The Braun Strowman-Roman Reigns battle has a nice build however it is a truly hard spot. Braun’s imposing build might be devastated in case he failed clean to Roman Reigns. The matter is that Roman requires maintaining his thrust in addition.

Enzo & Big Cass become Victors

What continuously jolts me is that they at no time earned a tag title perpetually in their storied past. It didn’t take place in NXT nor has it come about on the main roll. It might appear like they are planning a big WrestleMania flash with them lastly acquiring the Raw Tag Team Championship for that one time.

They are not turning Anderson and Gallows look like an imperative team. Offering the belts to Enzo and Big Cass in actually their main real shot would be the further shocking kink. It obviously might set up a few exciting battles with teams such as Sheamus & Cesaro and the New Day going and advancing into WrestleMania 33. However, Enzo & Big Cass require that huge moment initially. The twist may be for it to take place coming Sunday at the WWE Fastlane.

Sami Zayn Wins

Sami certainly loses on a lot of occasions. He appears to be the go-to looks for the up and pending heel to worn out on the way to larger fights. That logically appears like what they are planning with his match against Samoa Joe. That turns it an even better occasion to offer us a twist.

It isn’t similar to a Samoa Joe loss would terminate him moving forward. It might be succeeded by cheating through a returning Finn Balor or Seth Rollins. Nevertheless, to continually have Sami lose is going to do him no favors in the continuing.

Goldberg Misses out on the Universal Championship

The beast Goldberg has been depicted as an overpowering monster as his in-ring arrival at Survivor Series last year. He devastated Brock Lesnar at two major PPVs and has smashed everyone and all that came across his track on the Raw trail.

In the meantime, Kevin Owens has not seemed like a sturdy Champion throughout his control. He has made his mark as the comedic heel and has been cynical to win almost all the matches he fought. It appears to be setting him up for the flawless tumble at WWE Fastlane 2017. That would turn Goldberg not achieving the WWE Universal Championship a possible twist of the night.

There are surely many manners to perform it and still associate the giant Goldberg-Lesnar fight at the upcoming WrestleMania 33. You might witness Jericho come to the ring and may cost each wrestler the fight. He might just attack Kevin Owens, causing a disqualification.

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